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Robert Clarfield
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Rob the Flying Realtor -- Reviews and Recent listings 

Robert Clarfield isn't your typical real estate agent; he's a Partner and the Designated Broker at ARRT of Real Estate. With his head in the clouds and a passion for aviation and real estate, he brings a unique perspective to the home buying and selling process. From the pilot’s seat of his Cessna 182 airplane, he literally takes his service to new heights, offering clients an experience few others can match.

Renowned for his responsiveness and open communication, Robert recognizes the importance of staying connected in a fast-paced market. Whether it's keeping sellers informed on showings or guiding buyers through the intricacies of their home search, he remains dedicated every step of the way.

Robert's journey into real estate began as a part-time endeavor while working as a project manager. Concurrently, he pursued his passions for flying, martial arts, and bodybuilding. As time passed, he realized his true calling lay in real estate, particularly in assisting new homebuyers and investors in finding their perfect properties. Notable among his sales are the Western Sky Airpark in Salome, Arizona, and the current listing of a hangar home in Camp Verde, Montezuma Heights Airpark.

Flying has always been integral to Robert's life, personally and professionally. Now, he aims to leverage his flying expertise to enhance his real estate practice, whether by scouring the Arizona skies for prime properties or flying clients across the state for firsthand property viewings.

Robert's adaptability and creativity shine in his approach to real estate. When confronted with challenging listings, he thinks outside the box, utilizing social media and unconventional marketing strategies to showcase properties in their best light.

Looking forward, Robert envisions boundless opportunities ahead. Committed to providing clients with unparalleled support and expertise, he embraces his role as a partner at ARRT of Real Estate in Scottsdale. Excited about the future, he sees endless possibilities in the dynamic intersection of aviation and real estate.